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Bounce House Rentals Wilmington NC

Bounce House Rentals Wilmington NC
When planning a party for your kids, you want them to have the most fun but also be safe. Bounce houses and inflatable slide are some of the most common ways to ensure maximum fun for the kids.

However, you also have to ensure that they are high-quality to avoid injuries. For that, you need to work with the best bounce house rental company.

Bounce House Wilmington NC has the best bounce houses for clients in Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Leland, and Rocky Point. Our high-quality products and top-notch services have made us among the best bounce house rentals Wilmington NC.

We have been in the business for a long time, and we understand the best quality for bounce houses to guarantee fun and safety for your children. Being parents ourselves, we understand the pressure of having a fun and safe day for our kids.

Therefore, we do our best to ensure that we provide satisfactory services for our clients and take off the pressure of planning a unique and fun day for the kids.

Whether you want the bounce houses for a large event or an event in your house, we have the best products for you. We have bounce houses in different sizes and shapes customized to meet your specific needs.

Whether you want a bounce house for a birthday party, just for fun, or a themed party, we are here to help you meet your needs.

We have a team of employees who are the best at what they do. We train all our employees to set up and take down the inflatables without causing any damage to them.

Through our 24/7 online booking service, you can book the best bounce house for your kid’s parties. We understand that planning a party is tedious and time-consuming, which is why we offer to bring all the bounce houses and inflatable slide to your location and set them up for you. We also pick them up after the party to save you the hustle.

When you contact us, we ask about what you want to achieve with the bounce houses, the number of children you are hosting, and the size of your space. That allows us to help you choose the best bounce house for the kids.

We also have an easy-to-navigate website, where you can see all the bounce houses and their details before you choose the one you want. We list the sizes and dimensions of every inflatable and how much weight it can support at once.

We also have videos and a 3D turn-around of the inflatables to make your choices easier and more detailed.

The booking process is also easy and fast, and we have security features to avoid any online thefts. All you have to do is select the items you want, input your information and delivery location, and then pay the deposit.

We confirm your order immediately after you place it to give you peace of mind and save the time you would have spent calling and asking about it.

All our inflatables have safety guidelines like ropes to tie them to the ground as the children are playing. We always inspect our inflatables after every party to ensure that they are safe for the next party. We also inspect them before we set them up.

We update our collection of inflatables often, so there are always new designs and themes coming in. if you do not find a design or theme that you want, always feel free to contact us.


Bounce houses

We have a wide selection of bounce houses for your child, featuring different designs and themes. Some of the themes and designs we have include different Disney princess movie themes, Mickey Mouse, unicorns, castles, and ninja turtles.

They also come in different sizes but are manufactured using the best quality vinyl to resist punctures from rocks and debris on the ground or from the weight of children bouncing on them.

Bounce house Combos

We take our Wilmington bounce house rentals a step further by bringing you more than an ordinary bounce house. Our bounce house combos come with additional features like basketball hoops, slides and climbs, and popup obstacles.

These are a perfect way to keep the children active and entertained throughout the day. Some of the bounce house combos have different themes in them.

Water slide rentals Wilmington NC

Our inflatable water slide rentals Wilmington NC services are among the best because of the different sizes of inflatable slide we have, all made of the best quality. We are ready to help you make your child's summer the best, whether in your backyard, in school, or at a social event.

We have one-lane and two-lane slides, depending on the size and type of event you are holding. Double-lane slides are perfect for the kids to compete. All our water slide rentals Wilmington NC have seamless slide liners to prevent the children from getting scratches.

With our inflatable slide, you get hoses plus other accessories that you need for hook up. We also have banner compatible slides, which means that you can attach any theme you want for the party to the front of the water slide.

Obstacle courses

Our obstacle courses are fun for many different ages for both players and spectators. There are climbing walls, tunnels, and popup barriers in the obstacle courses, which are fun and engaging for the children to spice things up from the traditional bounce houses and slides.

These are perfect for events where there are many children like a school or social events, to encourage competition among the children.

Dry slides

If you want to give your children water slide-type fun but are hosting an event in a place where water is not allowed, Bounce House Wilmington NC is here to help you. These are perfect for colder seasons and large indoor fun days.

Toddler bounces

Our Wilmington bounce house rentals services are not only meant to offer fun to the older kids, but we also want to ensure that the young ones also get a fun day. We have inflatable toddler units specially designed to keep your toddler safe as they enjoy.

They come with safety bumpers plus other safety and special features. We also have them in different bright colors to keep the young ones engaged the whole time.

Why Us

When looking for bounce house rentals Wilmington NC, shopping for the best company is not easy. However, Bounce House Wilmington NC stands out as the best among all the other Wilmington bounce house rentals. Some of the things that set us apart include:

We are insured

While we want to ensure your kids have fun throughout the day, our top priority is their safety. For that, we have insurance that helps cover any damages and injuries that occur as your children use our products.

We also check the quality and state of our inflatables before and after we set them up.


Children are very vulnerable to illnesses and germs, which is why we always ensure that we clean and sanitize all our inflatables before and after we set them up at your property.

We use safe products that will not cause any allergies or reactions to your children or affect the quality of the inflatable materials.


Once you use our bounce house rentals Wilmington NC, we offer you free delivery within Rocky Point, Carolina Beach, Leland, and Wilmington regardless of the size or number of inflatables you want.

We ask about your schedule and delivery to ensure that your event will be up according to your schedule. While we recommend that customers order several days before, we can also deliver even though you order the night before the event.


Planning a party or event is one of the most expensive things, which is why we want to make it easy for you to give your children the fun they deserve. We customize our prices depending on the type, size, and number of inflatables you want.

We offer discounts where you could book an inflatable for one day and get to keep it for up to four days.

Before we deliver our inflatables to you, we require that you pay a deposit. However, we only allow you to pay the rest once you are satisfied with our services. We work with you throughout the setup process and do it how you want us to.


We understand how frustrating having a late party is, especially with kids being impatient, which is why at Bounce House Wilmington NC, we deliver our inflatables to you ahead of time. Quality

With our Wilmington bounce house rentals and water slide rentals Wilmington NC, you are assured of commercial-grade products that have undergone different quality checks and met all the safety standards.

From providing appropriate anchors for secure grounding of the inflatables to increased visibility, you could never go wrong with using our inflatables.

Quality customer care services

We value our customers, and we do our best to provide you with the best customer service throughout the whole process. From the moment you contact us to ask about our products to the time we set them up in your compound, we will be in constant communication with you.

To order our inflatables or make inquiries, feel free to contact us 27/7 on our customer care service lines. Alternatively, you can look up our bounce house rentals Wilmington NC on our website or interact with us on our social media platforms.