Ninja Wipeout Course Rents for $350 – Bounce House Wilmington
Ninja Wipeout Course Rents for $350
Ninja Wipeout Course Rents for $350

Ninja Wipeout Course Rents for $350

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When booking you are just paying the deposit to book your date.

The rental rate is:


Your deposit will be subtracted from the total amount due when we are setting up the slide.   

Drop offs will be done between 7AM and 12:30PM

Pickups will be done between 2PM and 7PM

Each rental will be 6 hours.  

We will contact you 24 hours before your party to talk about drop off and pickup times. 


Our signature Ninja Wipeout Course is sure to be a great addition at every events and family backyard party with its rainbow theme to make eye catching. 

It's the Ninja Warrior Inflatable Running Obstacle Challenge. Your guests climb to the top of the elevated starting platform to attempt to run across the inflatable balls to make it to the other side. Your guests will either have forward momentum to make it from one ball to another, or they will fall onto the inflatable ground along the way. This fun new obstacle is also known as the wipe out inflatable, leaps and bounds inflatable ball running obstacle challenge.


  • SIZE: Inflated Dimension of 39' L x 21' W x 12' H
  • CAPACITY: Recommended maximum occupancy of 1
  • RECOMMENDED AGE: 5 years +